More MONSTER News Bombs! 

And the wheels just keep turnin' on the Menacide machine! Strange Music (home to Tech N9ne, Rittz, etc) have just informed us that Menacide's new single, "UFC (Feat. DurtE and McNastee)" will be making the Official Strange Music Come Up-Playlist as soon as it touches down on Spotify! And that's after only hearing the song once on the temporary SoundCloud page. The single should be live in a matter of days, since we've been dealing with art issues from the music distributor. Shout out out to: Strange Music, DurtE, and McNastee for sharing in the awesome honor!

Next up is Menacide's recent announcement on FB of the new album title and artwork unveiling:

"And the name of the new Menacide album is... 

(Art Credit: Christopher McDaniel) 

This is the ONE. I spent every ounce of my energy, time, resources, and God-given talent perfecting this bad boy. I don't half-ass Hip Hop. This is the definition of Authentic. 

If you feel like me, then you're sick to death of shitty music, wack releases, and buying albums with maybe 2 good songs on the whole damn thing. This album does NOT fall into that category. 

EVERY song on this record is a HIT. Straight slam dunk. It doesn't even sound fxcking underground, I'll be honest. It sounds like I was tryina change the damn game for good. 

Sampler coming in the future. Thank you all so much for your support. You're gonna love this album. - Mena"

"In My World" 20th Anniversary Update & "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" Sale! 

Well, once again, here we are at the end of yet another Menacide album sale, and completely sold out. It happens every time without fail, and FAST too. It isn't long after a new CD goes up for preorder that they traditionally sell in out in a matter of days (sometimes only hours). If you were fortunate enough to jump on it, awesome! If not, you'll have to wait for the digital preorder which takes place on July 13th! Special thanks to all the fans who ordered the new 20th Anniversary Edition of "In My World." You're appreciated beyond words.

Also, Placenta Recordings in Detroit has just put up for preorder Menacide's "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped." It's the first time the album has ever made its way onto actual CD, and quantities are extremely limited. Follow this link to get your preorder on while it's still possible:

Menacide - "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" (CD Preorder)

Shout out to all the dedicated Menacide fans out theres who, without fail, make each and every release a bonified HIT.

A Historic Underground Release... 

N.W.A. Nas. The Notorious B.I.G. 2Pac. These are a few of the select HIp Hop artists I know of whose longevity in the game afforded them the luxury of putting out a 20th Anniversary Edition of an album that helped define their careers. And these are globally known artists. In terms of underground, I can't think of many (other than ICP). 

Fans, friends, ladies and gentlemen.. I present to you, Menacide - "In My World," The 20th Anniversary Edition. Yes, it's truly been that long since a young white kid from Michigan spent his last to record an album at a pro studio, landed Associated Press coverage and statewide radio play as a result, and solidified himself as one hell of a force to reckon with in the underground circuit. 

If you're fan of the original, you don't wanna miss this one. Digitally remastered, rare bonus tracks from the original studio sessions, revamped art, special liner notes, and more. 

Preorders for this hostoric release begin at all digital retailers on July 13th, 2018. Release date is set at August 3rd! 

UPDATE: CD Preorders are now up, but are moving VERY fast. Get one while you can via this lilnk:

Menacide - "In My World" 20th Anniversary Edition (CD Preorder)


Menacide on the cover of Horrorcore Magazine! 

In case you haven't heard yet, Menacide will be featured on the cover of this month's Horrorcore Magazine. To make it even more fresh, it is being released as a Double Collector Issue! That means not only two different Menacide covers, but also two completely different interviews! Also, if you purchase the Throwback Edition, you can scan a QR code inside the magazine to download an exclusive, new Menacide song. The hell you waitin' on? Get your ass over there and scoop up both of these highly collectible gems right now! They're packed with flavor!

Order Horrorcore Magazine's Menacide Edition - Double Collector Feature!

"Murda One" Sold Out - To Hit iTunes This Week 

The Limited Edition Collector's Menacide Cassette, "Murda One," sold out in a mere matter of hours, as expected. Those who were swift with the click button were fortunate to grab a true collector's item  while they lasted.

However... Due to popular demand, the album will hit iTunes this week, and will also feature a BRAND NEW bonus track featuring The Dayton Family, previously unavailable to the cassette version! Be sure to grab it off your favorite digital retailer this week, or even bump it on Spotify. "The Purple Tape" is a MONSTER melting pot of murderous OG's all putting it down on one album together, the likes of which have never been seen before. Get your hands on it via iTunes this week!

The "Body Bag Edition" is the digital version, which features a bonus track and extra skit. The cassette version is once again, sold completely out.


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