Preorder Reign Supreme Today! 

It's here! The long-awaited Menacide return album, "Reign Supreme" has just launched for Official Preorder! Click the flyer below to grab the Supreme Pack, featuring TWO additional bonus albums (including a Menacide collector Mystery Disc), a Gold Over Black Poster, Gold Over White Tee, 2 Decals, and a throwback Menacide Cartoon Character Sticker!


Letter From Menacide To The Fans... 

Dear Fans:

The moment you and I have both been waiting for is just around the corner. At 9PM Mountain Time on Thursday, the lock comes off the "Reign Supreme" Preorder page and the Reign officially begins! Before we get into the specifics of the Supreme Preorder Package, I just wanted to take some time to reflect over the past year a bit. What a hell of a ride it's been...

Despite having released several albums since being back on the scene, THIS alum, "Reign Supreme" is the Official Menacide return album. It's the one I put all my blood, sweat, and tears into. Make no mistake, I settled for nothing less than phenomenal in the studio while recording it. All the while, my aim was to create an album so damn good, that Hip-Hop fans just might have a restored faith in the genre again. Everywhere you look, the game is wrought with shxt music, garbage ass, dime-a-dozen music videos, and an ever predictable topic pool. I wanted to hand something to you guys that went far above and beyond that simple minded shxt. And with all my heart and soul, I tell you that I believe I did. This album is the epitome of incredible fxcking music! It's one of those rare ones, ya'll - one that you can pop in the player, press start, and rest assured that you're not gonna be skipping over a bunch of wack songs just to find something listenable. You know, albums like they USED to strive to make in Hip Hop. I've never given any less than that with anything I've put my heart into.

I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the love. It's been overwhelming and real to a dude. The response to the album sampler has been incredible, and so many of you have reached out to me to show love and support. I love you guys, for real.

I wanna ask something of all of you - any Menacide fan who is reading this. I challenge you to help me push the living shxt out of this album to the world at large. Everywhere they look, I want them to see that "Reign Supreme" in their face, an album that just can't be put in the same bracket as the other shxt currently out there. Please share the hell out of the flyers on this site, the promos, and info regarding the album. Encourage someone who loves rap, but who might have lost faith in it somewhere along the way to purchase Reign Supreme. Tell them to take a chance - and guarantee them that they'll be glad they did. Because this album, hands down, is the dopest shit you're gonna hear come out of this underground in a long, long time. I stand by those words.

Thank you all so much! Here's a look at the dope ass "Reign Supreme"  Preorder package that comes with not only ONE album, but two additional bonus, full-length CDs, available only with the Preorder Bundle:

Please spread the word! Let these mf's know that, without any shadow of a doubt, REAL Hip Hop is back, and it's getting ready to Reign Supreme all over again! Much love - Menacide


Fan Response To The "Reign Supreme" Sampler... 

...has been overwhelmingly DOPE! Check out some of these fire comments for yourself:

And all across Facebook, the response has been identical - a hands-down nod that the new album sampler is nothing but PYRO! If you missed the sampler, check it out on the site player! And don't forget to Preorder "Reign Supreme" on 8.10.18!!!!

Recognition To A Very Special Menacide Fan... 

Jimbo Jizzem, a long-time Menacide fan, recently grabbed our attention big time. After getting so excited about the upcoming release of Menacide's "Reign Supreme" album, he went out and had his own promo flyers done up to help spread the word. And as if that weren't dope enough in itself, he took it a step further and bought tickets to the summer's Van's Warped Tour show in his area. Once there, he walked around the venue handing out his Menacide promo flyers to everyone in sight - concert goers, event staff, you name it. And ALL out of his own pocket, just to live up to the title of a dedicated fan.

Jimbo, if you're reading this, you're the SHXT! Thanks so much for the love, brother!


"Reign Supreme" Book One Official Sampler!! 

You ready to get that bxtch ass wig split tho?  Menacide just released the Official Sampler for Book One of "Reign Supreme!!!" Check it below in all its lavish flavor, and be sure to Preorder your copy on 8.10.18!

Note: You can also download an MP3 of this sampler in the "Music" section of the website!


Reign Supreme! Preorders Begin 8.10.18!!!! 

The time is nigh, for one of the greatest underground releases of the current era to finally get its proper shine. Menacide's "Reign Supreme" goes up for Official Preorder on August 10th! It features 15 tracks of superb material - nothing but bangers across the board - Zero filler!!! It also includes a 12-page Supreme booklet (Gold over White print), along with hidden bonus material and lots of dope extras! Guest appearances include McNastee, The Jokerr, Danny Drive By, Shawn Collins, Emerg McVay (Bionic Jive/Interscope) and LOTS more!

The preorder packages themselves are PACKED with monster flavor and freshness! One of the bundles even comes with an all-new, additional Menacide CD called "Ride Supreme," an album designed specifically for the car/lowrider/lean culture. We're talkin' low end, monsterous, subwoofer food. Rider shxt that bangs like CRAZY. This LP was carved out in the lab to be the most ultra, turbo dope companion there could ever be to the "Reign Supreme" saga.

August 10th! Get ready to preorder one of the greatest Hip Hop releases you'll ever buy - Book One of the mighty Reign Supreme double album!!


They're Here! 

For those of you who pre-ordered "In My World: 20th Anniversary Edition," they've just arrived back from the plant and will ship tomorrow! SOLD OUT! Thank you ALL so much for your support. Menacide fans are the greatest alive. You'd have to be one to understand!

You can STILL, however, preorder the 20th Anniversary Edition on iTunes right here: Menacide - In My World (20th Anniversary Edition)

More MONSTER News Bombs! 

And the wheels just keep turnin' on the Menacide machine! Strange Music (home to Tech N9ne, Rittz, etc) have just informed us that Menacide's new single, "UFC (Feat. DurtE and McNastee)" will be making the Official Strange Music Come Up-Playlist as soon as it touches down on Spotify! And that's after only hearing the song once on the temporary SoundCloud page. The single should be live in a matter of days, since we've been dealing with art issues from the music distributor. Shout out out to: Strange Music, DurtE, and McNastee for sharing in the awesome honor!

Next up is Menacide's recent announcement on FB of the new album title and artwork unveiling:

"And the name of the new Menacide album is... 

(Art Credit: Christopher McDaniel) 

This is the ONE. I spent every ounce of my energy, time, resources, and God-given talent perfecting this bad boy. I don't half-ass Hip Hop. This is the definition of Authentic. 

If you feel like me, then you're sick to death of shitty music, wack releases, and buying albums with maybe 2 good songs on the whole damn thing. This album does NOT fall into that category. 

EVERY song on this record is a HIT. Straight slam dunk. It doesn't even sound fxcking underground, I'll be honest. It sounds like I was tryina change the damn game for good. 

Sampler coming in the future. Thank you all so much for your support. You're gonna love this album. - Mena"

"In My World" 20th Anniversary Update & "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" Sale! 

Well, once again, here we are at the end of yet another Menacide album sale, and completely sold out. It happens every time without fail, and FAST too. It isn't long after a new CD goes up for preorder that they traditionally sell in out in a matter of days (sometimes only hours). If you were fortunate enough to jump on it, awesome! If not, you'll have to wait for the digital preorder which takes place on July 13th! Special thanks to all the fans who ordered the new 20th Anniversary Edition of "In My World." You're appreciated beyond words.

Also, Placenta Recordings in Detroit has just put up for preorder Menacide's "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped." It's the first time the album has ever made its way onto actual CD, and quantities are extremely limited. Follow this link to get your preorder on while it's still possible:

Menacide - "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" (CD Preorder)

Shout out to all the dedicated Menacide fans out theres who, without fail, make each and every release a bonified HIT.

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