"In My World" 20th Anniversary Update & "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" Sale!

Well, once again, here we are at the end of yet another Menacide album sale, and completely sold out. It happens every time without fail, and FAST too. It isn't long after a new CD goes up for preorder that they traditionally sell in out in a matter of days (sometimes only hours). If you were fortunate enough to jump on it, awesome! If not, you'll have to wait for the digital preorder which takes place on July 13th! Special thanks to all the fans who ordered the new 20th Anniversary Edition of "In My World." You're appreciated beyond words.

Also, Placenta Recordings in Detroit has just put up for preorder Menacide's "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped." It's the first time the album has ever made its way onto actual CD, and quantities are extremely limited. Follow this link to get your preorder on while it's still possible:

Menacide - "Drugz: Slowed & Chopped" (CD Preorder)

Shout out to all the dedicated Menacide fans out theres who, without fail, make each and every release a bonified HIT.

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