Karmakze Announced!

If you snagged a copy of The Mystery Disc, then you were one of the first to be made aware of the title for Menacide's return album. It's called "Karmakaze" (Karma-Kahh-Zee), and will touch down like an atom bomb some time in early 2018. This album is the very definition of fire, lava, and zero smoke. All killer, no filler - the very type of classic sounding albums Menacide has been to known to craft and deliver over the years.

Karmakaze will feature some of the most top knotch production you've ever heard, and will include guest appearances from giants like Esham, McNastee, The Dayton Family, Masetti, Dubbs, Simken Heights, Danny Drive By, and more. Plan on owning this monumental heat rock in 2018 when it  unleashes!

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