"Murda One" Sold Out - To Hit iTunes This Week

The Limited Edition Collector's Menacide Cassette, "Murda One," sold out in a mere matter of hours, as expected. Those who were swift with the click button were fortunate to grab a true collector's item  while they lasted.

However... Due to popular demand, the album will hit iTunes this week, and will also feature a BRAND NEW bonus track featuring The Dayton Family, previously unavailable to the cassette version! Be sure to grab it off your favorite digital retailer this week, or even bump it on Spotify. "The Purple Tape" is a MONSTER melting pot of murderous OG's all putting it down on one album together, the likes of which have never been seen before. Get your hands on it via iTunes this week!

The "Body Bag Edition" is the digital version, which features a bonus track and extra skit. The cassette version is once again, sold completely out.


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