Letter From Menacide To The Fans...

Dear Fans:

The moment you and I have both been waiting for is just around the corner. At 9PM Mountain Time on Thursday, the lock comes off the "Reign Supreme" Preorder page and the Reign officially begins! Before we get into the specifics of the Supreme Preorder Package, I just wanted to take some time to reflect over the past year a bit. What a hell of a ride it's been...

Despite having released several albums since being back on the scene, THIS alum, "Reign Supreme" is the Official Menacide return album. It's the one I put all my blood, sweat, and tears into. Make no mistake, I settled for nothing less than phenomenal in the studio while recording it. All the while, my aim was to create an album so damn good, that Hip-Hop fans just might have a restored faith in the genre again. Everywhere you look, the game is wrought with shxt music, garbage ass, dime-a-dozen music videos, and an ever predictable topic pool. I wanted to hand something to you guys that went far above and beyond that simple minded shxt. And with all my heart and soul, I tell you that I believe I did. This album is the epitome of incredible fxcking music! It's one of those rare ones, ya'll - one that you can pop in the player, press start, and rest assured that you're not gonna be skipping over a bunch of wack songs just to find something listenable. You know, albums like they USED to strive to make in Hip Hop. I've never given any less than that with anything I've put my heart into.

I just wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the love. It's been overwhelming and real to a dude. The response to the album sampler has been incredible, and so many of you have reached out to me to show love and support. I love you guys, for real.

I wanna ask something of all of you - any Menacide fan who is reading this. I challenge you to help me push the living shxt out of this album to the world at large. Everywhere they look, I want them to see that "Reign Supreme" in their face, an album that just can't be put in the same bracket as the other shxt currently out there. Please share the hell out of the flyers on this site, the promos, and info regarding the album. Encourage someone who loves rap, but who might have lost faith in it somewhere along the way to purchase Reign Supreme. Tell them to take a chance - and guarantee them that they'll be glad they did. Because this album, hands down, is the dopest shit you're gonna hear come out of this underground in a long, long time. I stand by those words.

Thank you all so much! Here's a look at the dope ass "Reign Supreme"  Preorder package that comes with not only ONE album, but two additional bonus, full-length CDs, available only with the Preorder Bundle:

Please spread the word! Let these mf's know that, without any shadow of a doubt, REAL Hip Hop is back, and it's getting ready to Reign Supreme all over again! Much love - Menacide


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