Various Updates: Menacide Enamel Pins, New Interview, & More...

What's good, ya'll? Lots to report, the first being the release of new Limited Edition Menacide Enamel Pins. These suckers are super dope, come attached to a collectible card, and are numbered from 1-100. Random orders also arrive with the card signed, so grab one while you can!

Also, a new Menacide interview conducted by the fine folks at Replicon Radio is up for stream/download. Check that bad boy out Right Here.

Last but not least, Menacide has recently released The Royal Cypher, featuring McNastee, Danny Drive By, Jay Reno, Dubbs, Sleep Lyrical, and Renigade. Bump that piece in its entirety via Soundcloud.

Much Love - 13P.

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