Menacide's "Murda One" availble NOW for Pre-Order! 

Just announced for Pre-Order is the brand new Limited Collector's Edition cassette from Menacide entitled, "Murda One." It is limited to a MERE 50 copies, and features guest appearances from Esham, The Dayton Family, McNastee, Insane Loc, and Simken Heights. It comes as a purple clear-tinted cassette with direct on-shell printing and more. This is a ONE-TIME release created special for Menacide collectors, never again to see the light of day. All songs are exclusive! Follow the link below to get your Pre-Order on and have it delivered to your doorstep as soon as they are back from the manufacturer:

Menacide "Murda One" Limited Collector's Edition Purple Cassette Tape (Pre-Order)


The Heavy Hittaz Return!!! 

Menacide & McNastee, together known as the Heavy Hittaz, have returned with a new track called "Animalz," announcing that an album of the same title is currently in the works. Check out the new banger below:


New Menacide "Murda Mitten Menace" Hoodies! 

Fall is upon us, and who wants to sport a monster jacket everywhere they go? You need a hoodie - and a ultra sick one at that. Click the link below to get your order on and snatch up the all new Menacide "Murda Mitten Menace" hoodie with an exclusive back-print design from The Pyrex era. These hoodies are Mitten approved. Beat that ice, wind, and snow this season in murderous Mena style, baby. Get 'Em Here (Available In Blue Or Black).

Various Updates: Menacide Enamel Pins, New Interview, & More... 

What's good, ya'll? Lots to report, the first being the release of new Limited Edition Menacide Enamel Pins. These suckers are super dope, come attached to a collectible card, and are numbered from 1-100. Random orders also arrive with the card signed, so grab one while you can!

Also, a new Menacide interview conducted by the fine folks at Replicon Radio is up for stream/download. Check that bad boy out Right Here.

Last but not least, Menacide has recently released The Royal Cypher, featuring McNastee, Danny Drive By, Jay Reno, Dubbs, Sleep Lyrical, and Renigade. Bump that piece in its entirety via Soundcloud.

Much Love - 13P.

Menacide To Appear on Wicked 101 

Gracing the likes of The R.O.C., V Sinizter, and other underground greats, Menacide takes his turn appearing on Defekt's "Wicked 101" live video cast. Mad amounts of flavor are sure to be had for all. Tune in, stream live, and get schooled!

Karmakze Announced! 

If you snagged a copy of The Mystery Disc, then you were one of the first to be made aware of the title for Menacide's return album. It's called "Karmakaze" (Karma-Kahh-Zee), and will touch down like an atom bomb some time in early 2018. This album is the very definition of fire, lava, and zero smoke. All killer, no filler - the very type of classic sounding albums Menacide has been to known to craft and deliver over the years.

Karmakaze will feature some of the most top knotch production you've ever heard, and will include guest appearances from giants like Esham, McNastee, The Dayton Family, Masetti, Dubbs, Simken Heights, Danny Drive By, and more. Plan on owning this monumental heat rock in 2018 when it  unleashes!


Man, what a dope run it's been this year already! The mighty Mystery Disc came, sold the fxck out (limited pre-order packages), and got handed out for free to nearly 1,000 die-hard fans via McNastee's performance at this year's GOTJ. If you missed that FREE pro-pressed CD, then you missed out on blazing new Menacide & McNastee music, featuring appearances from Esham, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Struggle Jennings, The Dayton Family, and so many more. You lost the fxck out, fam, bottom line. Should have been keepin' your ear to the ground like a true Thirteen Percenter.

Also, McNastee dropped a new video for his song "Selfie". Check it here:

FInally, the Thirteen Percenter Movement is alive and kickin'. Get with the fxckin' crew or get rolled over. Special shout outs and love to our HEAVY DUTY 13% Street Team who rock it hard for us on the regular. - Menacide & McNastee (HH)


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