Menacide Presents: The Royal Cypher (Coming Soon!) 

Just when you thought the beloved art of emceeing was dead, Menacide has drafted some of the underground's most elite emcees to participate in what has become known as "The Royal Cypher." We're talkin' the likes of Menacide, McNastee, Danny Drive By, Jay Reno, Sleep Lyrical, Playboy The Beast, Renigade, Dubbs, Grewsum, Saint Sinna, Fury, and MORE. NOT to mention, the cypher will also feature the scratching work of 3 very elite and talented DJs: Shakelous, James Peterson, and DJ Stigmata.

Coming Soon!

In Case You MIssed It: Murder Master Music Show W/ Menacide 

The homies at UGS4Life featured Menacide on an episode back in March. Ever since the site switch-over, some of the fans have been asking where the interview disappeared to, and how to find it again. Well, look no further! Here it is in its entirety, thanks to the Murder Master Music Show!

Click HERE for the interview.

Video From Menacide's Detroit Unplugged Appearance 

If you missed the show, you were probably hiding under a rock somewhere, telling yourself, "I don't care about the future of underground music." Then again, you might have just been doin' other shxt lol. At any rate, you don't wanna miss this interview with the Murda Mitten Menace:

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